Project Description

Waban [ official website ]


Waban is a large, southern Maine non-profit that offers services and support to kids and adults with autism and developmental disabilities. We’ve worked with Waban for many years, ever since we helped them to schedule fundraising events with one of our other early clients, Gelato Fiasco. Over those years, we’ve helped Waban with things like strategic planning for marketing and media relations, planning capital campaigns, social media content production and management, branding, and work on several micro-sites.

But this was our largest Waban project to date, and the biggest web project we’ve worked on. Waban’s website hadn’t been re-evaluated or revamped for more than a decade. A lot has changed since then, both in terms of what websites can do and how users expect them to function, so in many ways we were starting from square one.

We spent time planning with Waban’s digital coordinator and executive director to determine what their website needed to do. As an organization with hundreds of employees that serves thousands of people every year, their site was incredibly important. It functions as a portal through which program users, staff, and volunteers can coordinate, keep records, and learn. And it’s the primary vehicle through which the organization promotes itself to the public. On top of this, in recent years their site had increasingly become important for fundraising.

In redesigning their site, we took all of these things into consideration. We also thought hard about the perfect UX/UI design, how to integrate donations and calls to action, increasing their search engine visibility, offering great functionality, and getting feedback through analytics.

Before handing off their new custom-built WordPress site, we sat down with the web managers at Waban to make sure they knew all the ins and outs of their new digital property and were ready to take over. We’ve continued to work with them since to give them full customizability and management over their new site.