Project Description

Scatter Good Farm [ official logo ]

The owners of Scatter Good Farm, an organic family farm located in Brunswick, were looking to spiff up their logo. The original logo had been developed by the owners previously, but they were hoping to incorporate some specific design elements. In particular, Patty and John wanted to insert the infinity symbol. The symbol means a lot at the farm, where they practice sustainable, organic farming methods meant to replenish and feed the earth as they grow food.

We played around with several motifs to incorporate the infinity symbol, guided by the style and feel of the farm itself. Our key design concepts included wood and metal, particularly iron, stamps and woodcuts, a simple design with few flourishes, and a somewhat old-fashioned style. Our ultimate design went through a few iterations before we homed in on the perfect design for Patty and John. Since we love to design, we didn’t mind trying several variations, and we gave Scatter Good a discount to make sure the final price was reasonable, even though we produced several drafts.