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We’re designers, developers, builders + storytellers.

Max Mogensen

Founder and creative director

Born and raised in Maine, Max's first job was writing for the local paper while in high school. He attended Columbia University and City College in New York, where he designed and helped publish the lit journal Quarto. The author of Legendary Locals of Androscoggin County, he still writes for news outlets. He cut his teeth at marketing while working for Gelato Fiasco and has since helped businesses grow their brands. Max is a co-owner of Re-Fridge, a company that buys and sells used mini-fridges to students. His other business is Intoxicles, which produces cocktail popsicles. [Photo courtesy of Jamie Delaney.]

Sam Brown

Web developer

Maine Creative's back-end developer, Sam graduated from Fordham University's computer science program in 2017. But even before that, beginning in 2015, Sam has worked with us to create websites and web-based and mobile-only apps. Proficient in database configuration, various development platforms like PEARL, Ruby, and Python, and all the programming languages you can think of, there isn't much back-end work that Sam can't do. He writes HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, and PHP. And if none of that makes sense to you, don't worry! We don't always understand it either, but that's why we're grateful to have Sam on the team.

Meg McCormick

Operations, development + outreach

Meg is an operations extraordinaire and draws from her diverse career and life experiences to solve everyday issues while infusing reality into moon-shot ideas. Her academic background in anthropology and economics informs her work, promoting better communication and understanding, in addition to instilling a tendency to analyze situations for strategic value. Meg has seven years of experience managing EPA and USDA force-multiplier grants at 33 higher education institutions in New England and Washington. She has supported several small businesses in Maine as a consultant, mostly around branding, operations and client cultivation. Meg is also the co-owner of Intoxicles.

Catherine Tanous

Marketing + event production

Catherine has been working with Maine Creative almost since its inception. She began her marketing and events work when she helped produce Make Music Denver in 2012. Starting in 2013, she has been the primary organizer of the annual music event Make Music Portland, a series of free concerts that happen all over the city on the summer solstice. Catherine honed her marketing and events skills working as a fundraiser and event organizer with March of Dimes.

Gail Johnson

Social media guru

Gail grew up in Portland and Winter Harbor, Maine. Currently, she studies pre-med at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. Gail began working with Maine Creative in 2017, taking on social media management projects for various clients in conjunction with the company's content producers and art director. Gail has managed social media for Make Music Portland, Re-Fridge, and Mini Mogadishu. Though she plans to go into the medical field, Gail is a gifted writer with an eye for art who will hopefully work with Maine Creative for years to come.