Give and grow through Hosting with Heart

Published November 21, 2019
Author: Elora Griswold, special to Maine Creative

Each profession seems to earn a certain stereotype.

We’ve all heard of greedy lawyers, two-faced politicians, and hypocritical therapists. While some of these wide-spread assumptions garner more merit than others, it is undeniable that these stereotypes are often grounded in the wrongdoings of a small, but nonetheless powerful, minority. Lawyers and politicians have been getting a bad rap for years, but a new stereotype has emerged in relation to the now booming digital marketing field of the 21st century.

Welcome the digital marketer to the list. Let’s break down the stereotype.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this trend, and the stereotype becomes particularly apparent when looking at the work produced by a person of this mentality. While we don’t want to throw too many stones, a great example are those pesky corporate training videos you’ve probably been forced to watch if you’ve worked retail or sales.

Click here if you need some context– all the elements are there. The forced smiling, condescending information (how to smile at customers), and the tricolon packed script clearly never modified for actual human beings.

Ok, ok, we’re done roasting our own profession. Primarily because there is another way.

At Maine Creative, we like to veer from the beaten path of marketing expectations. While we find the power of advertising online a fascinating and effective way to reach more people from a business standpoint, we also see the revolutionary impact digital marketing can have for nonprofit organizations.

We’ve all seen the insane change that can occur through our computer screens. The rise of platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, the increase of international volunteers through organizations like PlanMyGapYear and International Volunteer HQ— all made possible by the power digital marketing can have in drawing people in and giving nonprofits credibility and resources.

If you’ve been following Maine Creative’s blogs, you may remember our post about launching a new service called “Hosting with Heart.” Although there are some technical details to the plan, here’s the gist of it:

For every business or individual plan we sell, we donate free web hosting to a nonprofit.

Before we go further into the details of Hosting with Heart, let’s quickly define “business or individual plan.” At Maine Creative, we offer three different plans for businesses seeking the many benefits of our webhosting service.

Running a website can be a stressful ordeal for business owners with a million things already on their plate. Luckily, Maine Creative has this service down to a science and can provide it for a fraction of the cost compared to industry average.

In 2016 we started offering web hosting services to our clients. We offer the benefits of actively managed web hosting, such as access to server tools, without the confusion or hassle of maintaining their servers and website. We take care of backups, performance testing, and site and server maintenance. And we’re responsive to any site issues. Best of all is that for every web hosting client we do business with, we offer free web hosting to a nonprofit.

With 2019 coming to a close and the season of giving in full swing, we want to revamp our effort to gain business partnerships so we can further our ability to help local nonprofits. As you can see on our original info-graphic, our goal is to gain 100 web-hosting clients and to serve 100 nonprofit organizations.

At this point in time, Maine Creative has gained 25 monthly clients through our Hosting with Heart Program. For the latter of 2019, we will be actively promoting  the service on social media and would love your help in spreading the word with us.

Below have included a few potential designs for the program relaunch and a list with links to nonprofit websites that have benefited from the program thus far.

Social Media Designs for 2019:

Our designs are still under-construction, but here’s a quick sneak-peak into our promotion plan to reach the 100 account goal.

Our supported nonprofit websites (so far):

1. Alex Tanous Foundation

2. Waban

3. Make Music Portland

4. Growing to Give


6. Portland Global Shapers

7. Secure RMS (redesign pending)

8. Grace Gorilla’s

If you are interested in donating free web-hosting while gaining top-notch service for your own website, please reach out to or through our contact page for a free consultation.

If you are a nonprofit business that could benefit from free web-hosting, please contact us as well!

Elora Griswold is a digital media specialist at Maine Creative who focuses on creating effective copy and compelling imagery for marketing campaigns. If you would like help creating an excellent marketing plan, look no further than Maine Creative. Request a free consultation today.