Your brand matters. How much have you thought about the way your customers think about your organization?

Branding is the way your company or organization is represented to the public. Your brand includes your visual identity–including your logo, official color palette, and style considerations in your digital and print material–as well as the language you use to convey your message, the attitude you affect, and the tone you set with your messaging. Many business owners overlook the importance of branding or assume that their brand will develop organically. The truth is that potential and existing customers, not to mention the public at large, rely heavily on an organization’s brand in forming their perceptions and ultimately in choosing whether to engage with that business.

Our earliest projects involved helping small and medium-sized businesses to build their brands. Working for organizations like Gelato Fiasco, Waban, RoccoReport, and Profoundly Human, we developed logos, brand materials, color palettes, proprietary art, and digital assets. More generally, we helped these organizations to develop the sense of their brand: the tone and the attitude that all of these materials are meant to convey.

Since then, we have helped numerous organizations, from fledgling start-ups to established businesses, to hone their messaging, revamp their styling, and give direction and impact to their brands. In turn, this work has helped to increase customer engagement, enhance retention and conversion, and support the bottom line.

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