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Growing your business can be tricky. Let us apply our research and expertise to expand your operations.

We launched our business with a passion for bringing great design to entrepreneurial projects. But we quickly found ourselves doing research, gathering analytic data, and talking with other professionals so that we could offer our clients specific advice on a range of business development topics. We’re proud to have assisted in the launch of more than 10 startups and non-profits. And in the process, we’ve become experts at branding, launch marketing, and business development.

Our business development projects have included search engine optimization and user experience initiatives, data gathering, demographic analyses, digital strategy, internal communications, branding, and strategic partnerships. But we love a challenge. If you’re curious about the next steps for expanding your business or non-profit, we can help you form an actionable plan.

What’s the next big move for your business?

Website Analytics

Confusing? Yup. Annoying? Definitely. But understanding the data may be the key to taking your business to the next level.

Big data isn’t just for big corporations. Now, incredibly sophisticated data tracking means you can learn about your website visitors and potential customers, understand their habits, and figure out how they’re interacting with your website.

To what end? Understanding the numbers can help you better direct user flow on your site and avoid problem areas, meaning decreased bounce rates and increased conversions. It lets you know how visitors are finding your site, so you can better market on social media and search. And it enables you to really know your audience, making you more receptive to their desires and demands and making it possible to create a truly meaningful visitor experience.

But getting started can be daunting, and the analytics platforms such as Google Analyticsdon’t make understanding your numbers particularly easy. With regular meetings, analytics reports, and strategic planning, Maine Creative can help you maximize all the free data available to you.

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