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Project Description

Mini Mogadishu [ official website \ social media ]


Mini Mogadishu had been open for about a year when they decided to build their official site, and to incorporate that into their digital strategy, which at that point consisted just of social media. We worked with the owners, Nimo and Halimo–who had already received some great media attention–to determine what their website needed to do: promote information about the business, connect users with their social media channels, and convert users to customers.

We created a simple but well designed sit, designed to highlight the special qualities of the business itself. In designing, we took into account the style and mood of the restaurant and its cuisine, incorporating specific visual elements requested by the owners. It was also important to convey, through the images and the copy, some of the dining traditions of the Somali establishment, all contributing to a unique build.

We gave Mini Mogadishu a fully customized WordPress site, as well as a maintenance guide and one-on-one training to use and make changes to the new site.

After the website launch, we’ve continue to work with the restaurant to create social media content and to carry out social media campaigns. In addition to monthly social media management, we’ve worked with the restaurant management to develop their media relations and to get the most from specific media attention.