A Portland-based design studio for branding, web development, business development, and media production.

We are located in Portland, Maine. We help clients to build websites, to create visual and digital art and photography, and building brands, and creating unique style. We also do copy writing, produce media, and help with marketing and advertising including email marketing, social media, event marketing, and guerilla marketing.

Social media, branding building, web development, art, design, and marketing and advertising

July 2017

(Actually) cool parallax websites: A ‘how-to’

Okay, okay, it’s a well-repeated opinion by now: parallax scrolling* can easily be overdone. In fact, if you think you’re overusing it, chances are that you’re overusing it. Sure, it was cool when it first started popping up, probably […]

Hive promotion through… collage

This was a fun art project for The Hive to promote a couple of their events. All told, we did design work for The Hive for about two years and we were lucky that the managers gave us pretty […]